Our Mission

The Elkhart County Food Council is a collaborative approach facilitating the development of a more sustainable food system that improves food quality and food security for all. 

Our Vision

Elkhart County will have a thriving and united community-based food system.

Our Core Values

  • Food Access
  • Health & Food Education
  • Production & Food Economics
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Food Access

Ensure that all residents of Elkhart County have access to healthy and affordable food within a close proximity to their place of residence.

  • Expand healthy food retail options
  • Convene stakeholders
  • Ensure every eligible resident gets access to food assistance

Health & Food Education

Support local programs with a focus on improving healthy eating in Elkhart County.

  • Support organizations through data and materials to market health initiatives.
  • Reduce health problems associated with poor quality diets.
  • Increase knowledge about healthy eating and its benefits, especially among children and young people.
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Production & Food Economics

Promote and support sustainable, local food producers and local food businesses in Elkhart County.

  • Increase broader community awareness of existing farms, markets, and food businesses that focus on sustainable, local food.
  • Support collaborative local food infrastructure and marketing projects.
  • Provide ways for local food producers, food entrepreneurs, and markets to connect.
  • Increase percentage of household food dollars spent on food grown locally.
  • Track and publicize community benefits of local food production and consumption.
  • Advocate for policies that support local food production and consumption.