s.a.l.t. sisters

While s.a.l.t. sisters is all about salts and other products, the letters in the company’s name, coincidentally, match the first letters of found Charmane Andrews Skillen’s four daughters’ names: Sydney, Alexis, Lauren and Taylor. While none of them work in the business, they did inspire her in this quest for health and happiness.

As a company, s.a.l.t sisters strive to be consciences of their impact on the world. Diligent about recycling, they have created protocol within production to reduce waste to a single garbage bag a week. Like many manufacturers they produce a significant amount of paper and cardboard waste which is recycled weekly. They also take extra steps for items that are not allowed in mixed recycling, plastic bags are dropped off at local grocery stores and the packing peanuts received in shipments are given to a local shipping company to reuse.

At s.a.l.t. sisters their awareness around health and sustainability go hand in hand therefore strives to create products that bring joy and flavor to peoples lives while being conscience of daily impact on the community and world.

Where to buy: Martin’s Super Market, Garbers Interior Designs, Yoder Meats & Cheese, Das Dutchman Essenhaus and Linton’s Enchanted Gardens.

Contact: (574) 971-8150

Website: saltsisters.net

Social: Facebook, Instagram